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We invest in crypto assets, and support
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Chilli Padi Capital invests into game-changing blockchain projects and crypto assets.

Social Media Marketing

We add to the project's existing presence on social media channels. Pushing the word out through telegram, twitter, reddit, 4chan etc. Our network of ambassadors actively carry out these activities.

Introductions & Strategic Partnerships

Where we see the demand and opportunity, we link projects to influencers, KOLs, launchpads, exchanges, investors & strategic partners to further advance the collective effort towards the success of the projects.

Giveaways, Contests & AMAs

We organize twitter and telegram giveaways & contests to engage the community and keep the hype going. We also organize AMAs to educate the community on the project.

Chat Support & Group Management

We support telegram & discord chats through our ambassadors who are well versed with project fundamentals, facts and figures. They provide assistance to new comers as well as take the load off the group mods when needed.

Pixel Perfect Design

We have extensive experience in designing infographics (One Pagers, Tokenomics, Moonsheets), memes and sticker packs for the project’s social media and telegram community, they are highly engaging, attractive and effective in delivering the message.


The Moon Thing

At Chilli Padi, we work with you side by side, at times we think out of the box and improvise, but rest assured what ever we do, is to promote your tech and get to the moon.

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